Who are we?

Former Parisians, we fell in love with Aveyron and especially

with Le Bouyssou.

This beautiful area is quiet and peaceful but there is no shortage

of things to do – natural and historical sites to visit, hicking,

physical activities and much more .

The local people are very welcoming and always enjoy sharing

their knowledge and cultural heritage.

That is also close to our hearts.

We want to welcome holidaymakers in a warm and convivial atmosphere in for them to have an unforgettable time here.

Everybody is welcome at Le Bouyssou.


As well as being a lovely place to spend your holidays,

at Le Bouyssou we have important values.

We do everything in our power to protect the environment.

We have our own vegetable garden, in which you are free to pick fruit and vegetables.

In our gardens, you won’t find any pesticides or artificial fertilizers.

The property is heated by a biofuel wich significantly reduces our environmental impact.

Finally, we have chickens, two very nice dogs and several cats.

Your domestic animals are welcome here.